The Evolution of Music Production Tools For Kids

An unsuspecting topic however, it is necessary to analyze this component of history to offer a glimpse of the pedagogical tools that were in effect. Personally, I was quite a savy kid with a strong presence of music in my life. I did not ever imagine such production tools that were around. I was excited to buy a “Radio Disney Broadcast” station that allowed me to, you guessed it, host my own radio show from my bed room. Dashing between rooms to hear the music over the radio waves.

Sony Super Duper Music Looper

Sony Super Duper Music Looper is a music station focused on children.

  • Release date ‏ : ‎ 30 Mar. 2007
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Sony Creative Software

The vast experience that SONY has in the world of professional music production has helped to create a program that as well as having an interface that is prepared for children to understand it, will help them to create their own music and mixes to obtain the quickest results as possible as if it were a game.

The children that decide to play around with Sony Super Duper Music Looper will have a full orchestra at their disposal. They will have percussion, string and wind instruments with their sound effects. So they will be able to mix and modify any value so that they can finish the song however they want, and with the music arranged just as they decide.

How it works is really simple. With the instruments included, the children only have to paint or delete the instruments that they want to play. Each instrument has a predetermined melody, and with them, it will be possible to create compositions with a lot of rhythms that will work out being very entertaining. Furthermore, the songs can be exported to a CD or a WAV or MP3 file, or easily be sent to friends by email.

Garageband (classic)

When the mac hit the peak of the 2000’s, Garageband was the tool that came bundled with every computer. For a free software the features were very sufficient and it enabled Garageband influence for a whole generation and continues to. The upsell was THE LOOPS. Garageband sold sample packs divided by genre. These sample packs were distributed on CDs.

The nostalgia that comes with writing this article is something special.

Soundation / Soundtrap

These two web services offer an online production tool that is aimed at education. It is the modern garageband that runs in web browsers.

Garageband iOS

With the breakthroughs of iphones and ipad operating systems, handheld devices are becoming the new norm for next generation music enthusiasts. There is nothing wrong with going from computer to mobile/tablet or even browser for that matter.

The new Garageband took on the advantages of “touchscreens” which birthed a whole new way of interaction and the creativity that follows.

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