The History of ADAT: How Alesis changed Digital Recording – GearNews

The Alesis Digital Audio Tape (ADAT) was a groundbreaking technology that revolutionized digital audio recording in the 1990s. The ADAT system allowed up to eight tracks of digital audio to be recorded simultaneously onto a single VHS-style cassette tape, providing affordable and high-quality recording capabilities to home studios and professional recording studios alike.

The following article provides a detailed history of the development of the ADAT system, from its origins as a project by Alesis founder Keith Barr to its commercial release in 1991. The ADAT system quickly gained popularity among recording professionals due to its affordability and ease of use, and it played a key role in the rise of home recording studios.

The article also discusses the impact that the ADAT system had on the recording industry and its continued influence on modern recording technology. While the ADAT system is no longer in widespread use today, its legacy can be seen in the continued development of digital recording technologies and the democratization of music production.

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