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Learn, network and refine your skills. Find events organized by audio & music communities from around the world.

Free Music Licensing Training Course for Music Creators + Sync Community

We are providing music creators a free music licensing course + access to the robust online music licensing portal.We are providing Music Creators access to a free music licensing 101 course - How to stay Productive with  Music Licensing in this Era. Get immediate access to the robust online music licensing community for music creators…

Essentials & Mechanics of Music Management Training Bundle 2022

The Essentials of Music Management and Mechanics of Music Management training bundle (including 2022 MMF book) at a discounted price.The Essentials of Music Management and Mechanics of Music Management training bundle (including 2022 MMF Music Management Book)Friday 23rd September 2022: The Essentials of Music Management - 11AM – 6PM at The Rose Shure Experience Centre,…

Level 2: Studio Recording & Production / Mixing, Signal Processing

WAM Studio San Francisco AND WAM Lab in Oakland (see details in course description) 542-544 Natoma St, San Francisco, CA

Do you want to learn the art of Studio Recording and Production? How about Mixing and Basic Signal processing? Now you can at WAM! WAMACIn this Level 2 course, you will learn all the skills needed to record, produce, and mix, and everything that comes with it! Read more about each part of the course…

Studio One E-Meetup – France

Rejoignez notre Studio One E-Meetup français pour un moment convivial afin de parler production musique/mixage avec S1 Captain James Haver!


WHAT ARE YOU MINTING? What R "NFTS and the Blockchain" A 10 week Introduction online Course. Facilitated by Micah Walter

Pro Tools Fundamentals 2

WAMO (Unit 3A, 3rd floor) 1900 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland, CA

The Pro Tools Fundamentals 2 course provides the training required to prepare for the certification exam: Avid Certified User, Pro Tools.Welcome to Pro Tools Fundamentals Part 2 at Women's Audio Mission! This course is designed for:MusiciansAudio EngineersSound Editors for Film or TelevisionPart 2 is a continuation from our Pro Tools Fundamentals Part 1 course.*The Pro…

Omni Sound Project presents Signal Gain 2022

A virtual conference exploring audio with a welcoming, encouraging online community.Omni Sound Project invites you to join us for Signal Gain, our annual virtual conference, presented in partnership with Rupert Neve Designs, BABY Audio, and Novation.As a participant, you'll enjoy a full day of discovery within a welcoming, encouraging community. Signal Gain is a celebration…

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