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AudioEducatorIO - Save 50% on Memberships

A rare one-time offer exclusively for those who who join in our first year of memberships. Make the most of our services from the job board, workshops and more!


Sale price 50% off Pioneer Membership

  • FREE Plugins Report – March 18th, 2023

    Welcome to the latest FREE Plugins Report! Every few weeks we will let you know the latest news about free plugins. Follow @newplugindeals on Twitter, join the Plugin Deals and Freebies Facebook […]

  • Vladyslav Voinov Releases Free Waveshaper Plugin

    Vladyslav Voinov has just released PeakEater, a free and open-source waveshaper plugin for Windows, Mac & Linux. PeakEater is a free, user-friendly waveshaping plugin that enables you to select […]

  • Get 93% off SSL FlexVerb

    Are you looking for fully featured and mix-ready reverb? Look no further than the Solid State Logic SSL FlexVerb! This plugin is now available with an incredible 93% off until March 22nd. FlexVerb is […]

  • Get Pulsar Audio Smasher for FREE

    Are you looking for a way to add some punch to your audio? Look no further than Pulsar Audio Smasher! This powerful compressor plugin is now available for FREE until March 31st. So, you know the […]

  • Sjoerd van Kreel Launches Free Semi-Modular Synth Plugin for Windows

    Sjoerd van Kreel has released InfernalSynth, a free semi-modular synth plugin for Windows. This plugin is a great way to get creative with sound design, allowing users to create unique sounds and […]

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