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  • 50% Off – BigKick

    How many hours have you wasted searching through samples for the right kick? Or have you layered kick drums together and still not got the result you were after? Do you want complete flexibility over […]

  • 58% Off – Izotope Tonal Balance Bundle

    The Tonal Balance Bundle brings mixing and mastering into one interconnected workflow that will help you achieve a professional, polished sound. Use AI-Assistants that talk to each other and assist […]

  • 70% Off – Crystallizer

    Granular Echo Synthesizer Pitch shifting granular reverse echo. A mind-warping sound design trip. Crystallizer is an otherworldly creative effect that transforms instruments using a combination of […]

  • 56% Off – Little Alterboy

    Monophonic Voice Manipulator Vocal formant and pitch shifting. Hard Tune FX. Robot/Vocoder Mode. Tube Drive. Little AlterBoy is Soundtoys’ exciting new tool for dramatic voice alteration. Get a […]

  • £5 Samples – Mini Melodies

    This is an amazing deal from Your Local Musician on a £5 sample pack. The Mini Melody Sample Pack is the first in a series of sample packs containing 5 full melody loops that are guaranteed to add […]

AudioEducatorIO - Save 50% on Memberships

A rare one-time offer exclusively for those who who join in our first year of memberships. Make the most of our services from the job board, workshops and more!


Sale price 50% off Pioneer Membership

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