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  1. Select one or more Undergraduate or Graduate Majors Offered.*
  2. Use the Region pull down menu to narrow your search to a particular area.
  3. Scroll down to view your results. Click on the name of each school to learn more.

In addition to these majors, some schools offer additional options. See Tips.


  • Many schools offer a B.A in music within the larger context of a liberal arts music education, with the option of double majoring in other areas.
  • Some schools offer joint bachelor’s/master’s programs, unique minors, and certificate programs that can be added to your major.
  • Graduate programs: check for non-degree Artist Diploma and Certificate programs.
  • Unless otherwise specified, vocal performance is typically classical voice and may include opera.
  • Music Technology programs may include computer music, production, recording, sound engineering. Check each school website carefully. Note: some schools offer these programs within Music Industry.
  • Schools continue to tweak their programs so check majors on each school’s website.

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