Basic Microphone Polar Patterns

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This is Kyle and today we’re going to talk about microphone polarpatterns and while there are many, many patterns available, the four we’re going to focus on today are omnidirectional, cardioid, supercardioid and shotgun.

We’ve set up a little demonstration here, we’re going to use some whitenoise and we’ll also use my voice so that we can see how the pattern’swork, how they pick up sound and, equally as important, how they rejectsound.


Super Cardioid

Omni Directional



How do we make these microphone patterns work to our advantage? Let’S look at the four patterns. Again, The Omnidirectional pattern listens in all directions, for instance, a big crowd scene, where you want to hear everything You want to hear the audience or the crowd in front of you, the dogs barking off to the side, the motorcycle driving behind you, That’s where you might Use an Omnidirectional microphone A Cardioid microphone essentially picks up in front of you and rejects the sound behind you. If you just want to hear from here to here, that’s where you’d use a Cardioid, A Supercardioid is a little more focused. Maybe you have a smaller group of actors or people that you’re filming and you want to hear them, but not hear anything else.

That’S where a Supercardioid would come in useful A Shotgun is typically used to focus in on one or two people, perhaps in an interview situation. Hopefully, these tips have been useful, for you Do remember that with all art you can always break the rules and sometimes get great results, so have fun out there Until next time. This is Kyle. Wishing you great luck..