Theatre Production Staff – City of Fairfield, CT – Fairfield, CT

City of Fairfield, CT

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$15 – $40 an hour

Full Job Description

Producer – Oversees & coordinates all 3 programs. Selects shows & applies for royalties, submits details for Spring & Summer Recreation Booklets, reserves buildings, communicates with Recreation Office, hires staff, sets budget, creates & sends audition fliers, applies for, organizes & delivers banner to Town Hall, sends Patron/Sponsor form, creates show fliers, attends auditions, creates production schedules, organizes t-shirt orders, runs fund raisers/field trips/promotional performances, gathers instrumentalists for pit orchestra, submits payroll information, makes deposits, attends rehearsals, types & copies programs, provides & sells tickets, organizes ushers & concessions, sends thank yous to donators & advertisers, cleans all areas after shows. Performs any unfilled positions.

Magic Box or Main Stage or Pre-Teen Director
– Attends auditions, designs & teaches blocking to cast, coaches acting with cast, works with choreographer, music director, costumer, stage manager/props manager, set & sound designers, attends all rehearsals, production meetings & clean-up.

Magic Box or Main Stage Music Director
– Attends auditions, teaches vocals to cast, attends all necessary rehearsals & production meetings, assists Sound Designer when using audio track accompaniment. Assists in gathering pit musicians.

Main Stage Assistant Music Director
– Works with Directors to accompany rehearsals & rehearses the pit orchestra. Assists in vocal teaching & gathering pit musicians.

Magic Box or Main Stage Choreographer
– Meets with directors to design & teach dance to cast, coaches dancers, & attends necessary rehearsals & production meetings.

Magic Box or Main Stage or Pre-Teen Sound Designer
– Meets with director, provides & designs microphone assignments, prepares sound effects, runs sound board for tech week & performances.

Magic Box or Main Stage or Pre-Teen Lighting Designer
– Meets with director, designs & sets lighting cues, runs lighting board for tech week & performances. Returns lighting to original building plot.

Magic Box or Main Stage or Pre-Teen Set Designer
– Meets with director, designs, constructs, & paints set. Works with stage crew members & Stage Manager to organize set pieces for tech week & performances. Attends strike to return sets to storage.

Magic Box or Main Stage Costume Designer
– Meets with director, producer & choreographer to provide costumes for cast. Works with Stage Manager to organize costumes for tech week & performances. Returns costumes to storage.

Magic Box or Main Stage Assistant Director/Magic Box or Main Stage Stage Manager/Props Manager
– Meets with directors & designers to organize cast, crew, set pieces, props, costumes, & microphones. Gather necessary props & furniture. Works with cast & stage crew members at rehearsals to prepare for tech week & performances. Assistant Director helps Director block scenes. Attends strike to assist in clean-up.

Pre-Teen Counselor –
Assists Pre-Teen Director to either teach vocals, manage costumes & props, or teach choreography to cast. Coaches cast on all aspects of performance as well as plays theatre games, manages cast lunch & dismissal. Attends all rehearsals & performances as stage crew. Assists in strike/returning props & costumes to storage.

  • Hourly rate depends on experience and position, determined by the hiring manager.


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