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Faith Lutheran Church

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Faith Lutheran Church, Janesville, WI

Choir and Bell Director

Reports to: Pastor

Directly supervises: Choir & Handbell Team

Status: 8-10 hours/monthly

Job Summary

The Music Director is a skilled musician and growing spiritual leader whose ministry is aligned with the mission, values and strategic direction of leadership at Faith Lutheran
Church. He or she leads, plans (with the Pastor) and coordinates the choir and the handbell team (Faith Ringers), supported by the accompanist.

Essential functions:
1. Conduct and oversee one rehearsal/week and one Sunday or religious holiday/month and direct the Choir and Faith Ringers.
2. Work with the pastor to schedule all choirs and Faith Ringer dates to participate in worship, prioritizing religious holidays.
3. Review the music library and propose purchases (as approved by the pastor and within the limits of the annual budget approved by the church council.)

Discipleship/Faith Formation:
1. Seek out and cultivate the musical gifts of people of all age groups within the congregation.
2. Encourage participation in varied program offerings.
3.Educate and train musicians participating in the music program, including new resources and ideas.

Skills and Qualifications:
1. Formal study in music or church music preferred.
2. Knowledge of appropriate church music (classical, contemporary, multi-cultural, and gospel) and the role of music in Lutheran worship.
3. Experience and competency directing choirs
4. Some availability on a year-round basis for Sunday service (1/month), prioritizing religious holidays, with rehearsals (1/week) as scheduled by the music director

Core Competencies:
Mission ownership: Serves the mission, vision, and values of Faith Lutheran Church.
Mature understanding and articulation of Lutheran theology, as reflected in music and the church year.
Spirituality: Demonstrates a commitment to the glory of God, reflected in music.
Maintains a regular practice of Christian prayer and worship. Demonstrates increasing self-awareness and spiritual maturity, particularly grace, humility, joy.
Musical skill: Maintenance and improvement of the necessary musical skills and conducting. Practice as necessary.
Leadership skills: the capacity to initiate, develop and maintain a quality music program through people. Motivates and teaches choir and congregation. Marshalls resources (musicians, volunteers, instruments, music, funding) to get things done.
Computer use: the capacity to plan and communicate electronically.
Interpersonal skills: Demonstrates the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public and within the church. Interacts with others graciously. Productively engages in and resolves interpersonal conflicts.

Job Type: Part-time
Salary: $500/month

  • Flexible schedule


  • Holidays
  • Weekend availability


  • Formal training in church music (preferred)

Work Location: One location

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $500.00 per month


  • Flexible schedule

Work Location: One location

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