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Director of Music
Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church
May 2022

Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church Director of Music is a part-time position that leads music programs and assists in the leadership of worship services in the Reformed and Presbyterian tradition. At this time, the church provides one Sunday worship service each week. In the past, “before Covid,” there were two services on Sundays from September through May (one contemporary and one traditional) and a single blended Sunday service each week during June, July and August.

The church is guided by the following mission statement:
Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church is a community through Christ and in Christ – reaching out to the Greater Milwaukee community and God’s world.

We open our doors to all persons to join in worship, fellowship, educational programs, and service.

We welcome into membership all who profess faith in Jesus Christ, without regard to gender, race, ethnic origin, worldly condition, sexual orientation, ability, or any other human condition.

We elect and ordain persons who are called by God and committed to serving the Lord Jesus Christ in the Church.

Key duties of the position
Working collaboratively with the Pastor, church staff and lay leadership, the Director of Music shall organize and supervise the music program of the church. This will require the Director of Music to, without limitation:

  • Serve as head of the music staff, which includes an organist/pianist and assistant music director. In the past, there have also been a bell ensemble director and children’s choir director. Whether and how those positions and/or choirs might be revived in the future is a topic for discussion that would include Pastor, Director of Music, elders and others.
  • Plan music for weekly Sunday morning worship services from September through May. In collaboration with the Pastor, select or suggest hymns. Schedule the Chancel Choir and other musicians to participate in worship.
  • Annually, by mid-August, in collaboration with the Pastors, worship committee and other music staff, draft a plan for music for the upcoming program year.
  • Direct the Chancel Choir. Lead one 90-minute rehearsal each week on a weekday evening between September and May, and prepare the choir to sing at one service each Sunday during that period. (Choir rehearsal is currently held at 7:30 Thursday evening.)
  • If competent on piano or organ, fill in for the organist on Sundays when the organist is unavailable, approximately six Sundays per year, as arranged by mutual agreement. (Salary will reflect this duty.)
  • Look for opportunities to include children or a children’s choir in Sunday worship, working with a children’s choir director if one is named. Likewise, look for opportunities to include handbell players or a handbell ensemble in Sunday worship, working with a handbell ensemble director if one is named.
  • Provide assistance as may be requested by the Pastor in searching for or recruiting a children’s choir director or handbell ensemble director. Bring to the attention of the Pastor any candidates for either position who may come to the attention of the Director of Music. (Should the Director of Music take on either position’s duties, additional compensation would be warranted.)
  • Prepare music (including normally with the Chancel Choir, as appropriate) for special services such as Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday.
  • Arrange for soloists and ensembles to provide music during the weekly worship services from June through the end of August.
  • Secure instrumental performers as needed in worship.
  • Develop and spend the annual budget for the church music program, in cooperation with the lay Worship Committee and Session.
  • Maintain the church’s music library.
  • Participate in monthly Worship Committee meetings (currently held second Monday evening of the month).
  • If available (including by Zoom, etc.), attend weekly church staff meetings (currently held on Wednesday morning). If not available to attend, make other arrangements to provide input on matters of interest.
  • Call, prepare agenda for and lead meetings of music staff and Pastor approximately every two months. (Meetings are currently held following Sunday worship service.)

Minimum qualifications

  • At least three years’ experience as a music director and choral conductor.
  • Broad familiarity with the sacred choral repertoire both historic and contemporary.
  • Commitment to present a wide variety of musical styles within worship.
  • Music degree preferred.

Salary and benefits
Recent salary in the $19,000 range, depending on duties.

The Director receives additional compensation when providing music for weddings, memorial services and other special events; this compensation is paid by the family or sponsor of the event in accordance with guidelines established by the church.

The position offers two weeks paid vacation (2 Sundays and corresponding rehearsal weeks) and one week of paid sick leave (1 Sunday and corresponding rehearsal week or two of either) between September and June. The Director of Music is responsible to arrange for the Assistant Music Director or other qualified substitute to handle duties when absent.

The church provides modest continuing education funds annually to music staff.

Should severe inclement weather make travel impossible or unsafe, the Director of Music will make every effort to see that their duties for that day are covered by another member of the music staff.

Reporting relationship
The position reports to the Pastor, who serves as head of staff. A member of the Session’s Personnel Committee normally serves as the liaison between the Committee and the Director of Music. The Personnel Committee shall conduct an annual review of the Director of Music.

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $19,000.00 – $20,000.00 per year


  • Paid time off
  • Professional development assistance


  • Holidays
  • Weekend availability

COVID-19 considerations:
Currently, all individuals are required to be masked and distanced inside the church building. As of June 1, 2022, the plan is to move to a “mask optional” policy. Anyone experiencing symptoms of covid or feeling unwell generally are asked to stay home.

Work Location: One location

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