Choir Director – 4000 Archdiocese Of Seattle Payroll Svc – Redmond, WA

4000 Archdiocese Of Seattle Payroll Svc

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Purpose of Position:

  • To assist the Pastor in carrying out the ministerial needs of the parish, especially by providing liturgical music leadership for the 11a.m. Sunday Mass in accord with parish music program and the principles of Catholic liturgy;
  • To develop a prayerful singing assembly at the 11 a.m. Mass through preparation, and evaluation, and formation of music ministers.
  • To help the 11 a.m. Mass grow in prayer and authentic worship according Catholic tradition.
  • To primarily employ a contemporary style of music, incorporating a variety of styles in the fulfillment of these purposes that is consistent with Roman Catholic Mass and theology in the fulfillment of these purposes.

Major Duties and Responsibilities: The 11 a.m. Choir Director will collaborate with the Pastor and other staff in implementing the parish’s liturgical music program at the 11a.m. Sunday Mass and, by agreement, other parish celebrations. Specifically, s/he will:

  • Direct the 11a.m. choir at the following liturgies (plus their associated rehearsals) on an annual basis: at least 39 Sunday Masses, one additional Triduum Mass, one Christmas/Christmas Eve Masses, and other occasional liturgies. The number of Sunday Masses identified above assumes a choir hiatus of 11 consecutive weeks during the summer vacation months and two other weeks following Christmas or Easter. During any choir hiatus, the Choir Director will need to serve as a resource to cantors and accompanists for the 11a.m. Sunday Masses.
  • Select the music for these celebrations in collaboration with the Pastor, and the Senior Music Director, as appropriate.
  • Prepare worship aids for the 11a.m. Mass to the extent that the music selected for any particular celebration is not in the worship aids in the pews (Today’s Missal by OCP and Gather Comprehensive, second edition by GIA). This includes verifying reprint permission and reporting usage or reprinted music to copyrightholders when necessary, in accordance with the law. This task may be delegated.
  • Organize all correspondence with the 11am choir as necessary for effective communication with and formation of the choir.
  • Attend the periodic meetings of parish’s Music/Choir directors, and/or Pastor and attend any special meetings as requested by the Pastor.
  • Recruit new members for the choir, as needed; accept volunteers graciously and guide them in using their gifts for the good of the parish.
  • Manage the liturgical music budget for the 11a.m. Mass. This includes the budget for purchase and safekeeping of music, as well as compensation for essential musicians. Collaboration with the Parish Music Coordinator and the Pastoral Assistant for Administration as necessary for this item.
  • Grow in personal knowledge and competency through participation in activities that provide for continuing formation in Catholic liturgical music.

Evaluation and Accountability: The Choir Director will formally evaluate the job performance of the Choir Instrumentalists and Accompanist annually, and will submit the evaluation to the Parish Music Coordinator and/or Pastoral Associate. The pastor has ultimate authority over all lay ecclesial ministers, including the Choir Directors, Instrumentalists, and Accompanists.

The applicant must be familiar with the Roman Catholic order of the Mass.

This opportunity might be for you if:
  • You have experience conducting and singing.
  • You have training or experience with various choral techniques.
  • You are an active, practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church.

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