22/23 – Music Teacher – Orchestra (.6 – 1.0 FTE) – Mercer Island School District 400 – Mercer Island, WA

Mercer Island School District 400

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This position could range from .6 FTE to 1.0 FTE.


A classroom teacher fosters and enhances an effective learning environment; facilitates the development or revision of curriculum and instructional materials; establishes learning objectives and standards-based upon general District guidelines; provides instruction; counsels, disciplines, and supervises to meet the individual needs of assigned students, and evaluates student performance and progress.


  • Communicates high expectations for student learning.
  • Uses research-based instructional practices to meet the needs of all students.
  • Acquires and uses specific knowledge about students’ cultural, individual, intellectual and social development and uses that knowledge to adjust their practice by employing strategies that advance student learning.
  • Uses content area knowledge, learning standards, appropriate pedagogy, and resources to design and deliver curricula and instruction to impact student learning.
  • Fosters and manages a safe and inclusive learning environment that takes into account: the Physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being of students.
  • Uses multiple data elements (both formative and summative) to plan, inform and adjust instruction, and evaluate student learning.
  • Communicates and collaborates with students, families and all educational stakeholders in an ethical and professional manner to promote student learning.
  • Participates collaboratively in the educational community to improve instruction, advance the knowledge and practice of teaching as a profession, and ultimately impact student learning.
  • Attends or participates in all required staff meetings and other activities deemed necessary by the District and/or building principal, in order to accomplish the objectives of the position and for professional achievement.


  • Serves on staff committees as required.
  • Performs related tasks consistent with the scope and responsibility of the position.


Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree; academic preparation for or experience in working with a diverse student population.
  • Endorsement as required by state standards for subject expertise. Licenses/Special Requirements as required.
  • Valid Washington State Teaching Certificate; some positions may require valid first aid and CPR certification; some positions may require a valid Washington State driver’s license and/or a Class II driver’s license.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Knowledge of: Subject areas appropriate to assignment; effective behavior management techniques; effective instructional techniques; rules and procedures for student safety.
  • Skill in: Proficiency in reading, writing, and oral communications; effective communication with parents or guardians in a diverse community; designing and implementing lesson plans for students having a wide range of achievement.
  • Ability to: Deal with students in a positive and confident manner; be fair and consistent when working with a diverse student population; adapt to change and remain flexible; organize activities; manage student behavior; use good judgment to maintain a safe learning environment; provide instruction and demonstrate techniques; use necessary equipment, computers, machinery, tools, or software; direct assistants; in some positions, administer first aid and CPR; establish and maintain effective, positive working relationships with students, parents or guardians, staff and administrators.


Required to deal with a wide range of student achievement and behavior; required to remain flexible to meet students immediate needs; required to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and prioritize; may experience frequent interruptions; may occasionally deal with distraught or difficult students; potentially exposed to ordinary infectious diseases carried by students; in some positions the necessary and appropriate instructional methods may require specific positions and movements, and sufficient stamina and exertions, to demonstrate techniques properly for student safety, or to conduct or direct students; in some positions precautions may need to be taken to prevent or lessen exposure of self and/or students to various materials, fumes, equipment, cutting edges or hot surfaces; may teach in a classroom without telephone communication.

Annual salaries listed are based upon the
2021-22 MIEA salary schedule and will be adjusted when the 2022-23 MIEA salary schedule has been approved.


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