How to Teach Music Production to Kids & Teens [4 Tips for Music Educators]

Learning music production is a lot like playing with Legos. This “big to small” approach engages kids in the joy of creativity while teaching necessary technical skills as needed. This approach is not only ideal for kids but also for traditional music educators looking to add music production to their lessons. If you’re a traditional music educator that wants to learn and teach music production, this channel is for you and this video is the best place to start. Also if you’re a parent that would love to see music production become part of your kids’ in-school music programs, please subscribe, comment, and spread the word so that all of our kids can have access to music technology education.

4 Tips for Teaching Music Production to Kids & Teens

  • Start with premade audio loops
  • Use structure
  • Composition skills first, technical skills second
  • Encourage musical training


At Mix Major, kids, teens, and now adults learn how to create their own music using digital music technology, regardless of their ability (or desire) to play a traditional instrument, sing, or perform in front of an audience.

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