Audio Signal Flow Accelerator

Looking for a quick way to learn advanced concepts in pro-audio? Hit the ground running with the Audio Signal Flow Accelerator, a program specifically designed for rapid learners in music, production, studio and live engineering.

Explore advanced concepts in mixing & routing

Learn how to approach sound in any environment

Compare analog & digital gear

Interactive "Hands-On" Learning

Promoting Confidence & Troubleshooting

The Audio Signal Flow Accelerator - Introductory Session

August 15 & 22 2022, Online


About the event

Signal flow is the universal language behind the path of audio in any recording and production scenario. Understanding and applying signal flow is one of your best tools to increase productivity and avoid stumbling blocks. The more you know the more creative you can be. -

Many musicians and producers learn their desired skills well. However, they hesitate when faced with physical gear or cables especially in unfamiliar spaces. No matter what stage one is in their music career, a better understanding of signal flow promotes confidence & troubleshooting when working on professional or independent projects.


Becoming familiar with foundational concepts in Signal Flow will open up creative potentials and career opportunities. Sessions will focus on the basics while always encouraging a deeper awareness of connections and flexibilities that are practical for the modern professional.

Learn With Advanced Training Tools

Go beyond traditional learning of videos or slideshows and engage hands-on with apps & simulations of hardware that put concepts to practical use. No need to visit a studio or production hall.


Tools Used:

  • SoundcheckPro - Virtual mixer & signal flow simulator
  • DAW Editors - Comparing traditional DAWs
  • Digital Console Editors - Explore other tools used by the pros.

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