Physics of Sound 101

Understanding the physics of sound is essential for the audio professional. It’s used even beyond music and pro audio. Most of what we know from the physics are truly derived from our knowledge of waveforms and vibration. The following recommendations demonstrate the absolute basics.


Introduction To Acoustics – University of OregonRead
The Physics of Sound – Future LearnRead
Sound Waves and Music – University of MichiganRead
Physics of Sound (Advanced) – University of MichiganRead
What is Sound? – Florida UniversityRead


Future Learn – A quick primer on sound physicsWatch
Sound Waves in Action – Fuse SchoolWatch
Transmission of Sound (3D Animated) – DesignmateWatch
What is Sound – Flipping PhysicsWatch
Sound Wave Experiments – Fuse SchoolWatch
What is Sound? – Sci-Show KidsWatch
Basics of Room Acoustics – GIK AcousticsWatch


Music Production Guide – Sound PhysicsView
Music Production Guide – Audio BasicsView

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