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It’s a great time to be part of the Media Molecule team as the studio undergoes an exciting period of growth and evolution. We are now looking for a talented senior sound designer to join our Audio team and help with our award winning, user-created content project, Dreams. This is without doubt, one of the best Audio roles around. There’s huge scope for impact in this role, with ownership of both musical and audio design. The senior sound designer will take ownership of a product area, assessing its needs, creating the necessary sounds, and guiding any additional work that needs to be taken on (e.g. handling a session musician or VO recording session etc.)

What are we looking for?

  • Ability to produce sounds that inspire and impress us. They should understand what is required to make a game sound good and be able to demonstrate that knowledge with examples of work.
  • An intimate knowledge of sound recording, mixing, editing etc. They should have experience recording different material, and an understanding of all the practicalities involved.
  • Demonstrable experience and knowledge of using at least one game sound implementation system. E.g. Wwise, FMOD, Unity, Unreal etc.
  • a working knowledge of an in-game implementation system or have used some form of scripting language. Experience with logic is an important part of this role.
  • Demonstrable knowledge using systems like UE4 Blueprints, Max MSP or other visual logic systems is highly desirable.
  • The candidate should show some musical knowledge and composition skills. The ability to compose and engineer music is an important feature of this post.
  • Previous experience in the games industry
  • A proactive, creative and collaborative approach

We are accepting applications from people with varied levels of experience.

To apply for this position please submit your CV & show-reel showing footage featuring your work

If you can, please make sure your showreel is short and to the point – no more than 1:30 in length. Show us your best work, and your ability to make some editorial choices too!

Media Molecule is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All persons will receive consideration for employment without regard to gender (including gender identity, gender expression and gender reassignment), race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin), religion or belief, marital or civil partnership status, disability, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity, trade union membership or membership in any other legally protected category.

We strive to create an inclusive environment, empower employees and embrace diversity. We encourage everyone to respond.

This is a permanent position.

Before you apply

People of all backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives are encouraged to apply. Media Molecule is committed to creating an inclusive and safe work environment that reflects the diversity of the world around us. We are an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability status.

Tips for getting hired!

Words are not enough! We need to see what you make: a portfolio, showreel, demo…send us a curated selection of your work that shows just the pieces you’re most proud of. Don’t be afraid to show us your personal work alongside your professional projects… just make sure we have your best creations to look at. We’re certainly excited to see portfolios made in Dreams as well.

Be yourself. We are a studio that encourages our team think creatively, to play with new technology and jam on individual ideas. We love seeing the personality of everyone at Media Molecule reflected in Dreams and so it’s YOU and YOUR STYLE that we are interested in learning about.

Embrace collaboration. Dreams is a very collaborative project and Media Molecule loves a game jam, so we need team members that can work well together – sometimes across departments that don’t traditionally overlap. Maybe you already work on a team, or manage a guild or play in a band – we’d love to hear how you get on collaborating with others.

Go for it. Media Molecule is filled with people with all sorts of previous experiences – straight from university, from jobs outside the industry, from AAA studios and indie ones, etc. We are after people who fit the roles we are hiring for not a specific number of years in the industry. Some roles benefit from certain experience, of course, but otherwise we are very open. We make creative games, and creativity is something we all enjoy. If you are interested then please apply – and don’t forget that portfolio!

What you get

On top of all the things we already mentioned, you’ll also get to be part of a talented, diverse team of people, get a tip top benefits package, including private health and life insurance, income protection and all that jazz, a competitive salary, a winning bonus scheme, a personal development fund, being a name and not a number, free lunches, organic fruit, and really comfy chairs. Our main studio is based in Guildford, and we now also have a small office in Brighton.

If the all of those job requirements seem to be describing you, and you like the sound of working at Media Molecule, then you should apply at once!


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